At St. Mark’s we are committed to the growth and development of the whole child.  This begins with the belief that children are created in the image and likeness of God.  They are not only test takers, the future workforce or little troublemakers.  They are beings with minds that need nurturing hearts that need affection, and wills that need strengthening in truth. As part of the academic rigor we encourage our students to find joy in learning and the fellowship of the student body.

The curriculum gives equal space to the Humanities, the Arts and the Sciences.  It is designed to provide each student with the sound academic preparation that would allow them to apply to the leading high schools in the city.

In class they are reminded of their God given potential and in chapel they are drawn to the awareness of God’s love and concern for their welfare.  As stewards of God’s children, we also train them in making health decisions.  Life generally presents itself as a series of choices and our students must learn to choose that which is good for their welfare and pleasing to God.

About– St. Mark Day School was founded in September 1977 as an educational mission of the Church of St. Mark, Brooklyn NY. The church envisioned the need to provide an education that encompasses both faith and intellect.  The Curriculum for each grade level is competitive and in compliance with the New York State Common Core Standards and Guidelines.

Our Mission- The St. Mark Day School promotes educational integrity, moral strength, personal responsibility and cultural awareness.  The school is driven by the pursuit of academic excellence within a religious community creating a foundation for lifetime learning.

Curriculum- The philosophy of the school is that all children are educable, and none must be denied the right and the opportunity to be educated to their maximum potential.  We believe that all children are gifted, and that given excellent instruction and an emotionally sustaining atmosphere, they can function at the level defined as “exceptionally gifted.”  Our teachers are hired with the understanding that their expectations of their students will always be exceptionally high, and consequently students will strive to fulfill the teachers’ expectations.  Excellence is our standard for all members of the learning community.

English Language Arts


Social Studies


Computer Science

Foreign Language

Health Education


Athletics Sacred Studies

Art and Music



Recorder Orchestra

String Orchestra

Robotics, Karate


Cornell University Cooperative

Extension 4-H Youth Development and National 4-HCouncil

Enrichment Program

Steel Band

Scouts, Arts & Crafts


Chess &Other Games


Home Economics

Church of St. Mark Angelic Praise Dance

At present our school is divided into three major sections:

  • Pre-School- Nursery to Pre-K
  • Elementary School-Grades K to 5
  • Middle School- Grades 6 to 8

Our students in grades 6 to 8 are prepared for the Specialized High School Admissions Test and New York State Regents (Integrated Algebra & Common Core Algebra1)

Applications accepted throughout the year
Accept HRA/ ACS Vouchers, Union Vouchers
Regular program 7:45 AM to 3:15 PM
All year program 7:00AM to 6:00 PM
After School 3:15 PM to 6:00 PM
Summer School Camp

Contact Us
St. Mark’s Day School
1346 President Street
Brooklyn, New York 11213-4337
Telephone: 718-756-6602 Fax: 718-467-4655
The Rev. Kino G.I. Vitet, Headmaster & Interim Principal